Supporting our Colleagues in time of need.

GIVSA is a charity that helps raise funds for staff in desperate need of financial support.

Why: You may know of the existence of the GIVSA Fund which was established by James Ferrary, then a member of the management team at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, in 1996.  It was originally created to raise funds in order to purchase a kidney dialysis machine for a member of staff and has subsequently been used over the years to offer financial assistance to employees in dire need of help, usually due to ill health.

Awareness of the Fund seems to have waned in recent years, leading to a large drop in the level of contributions. The issue was raised at Employee Council at the Victoria Casino and there appears to be a real desire to see the GIVSA Fund revived.

The Fund is there for Grosvenor & G casino employees within London and is designed to offer assistance to any member of staff who may find him or herself in difficult circumstances. It is administrated by James Ferrary, General Manager of the Park Towers; and now each London casino has a Casino Champion to help raise funds and administer the fund.

How: To support the fund is easy with just £1 per month paid directly from your pay. Below is a preference form if you wish to contribute to this worthy cause, please follow the instructions on the form and hand the document to Rob F. (Head Receptionist) our casino Champion or Jill our Casino Administrator.

Presently only 120 employees in London support the fund but if everyone throughout the London region opted to donate monthly this would raise significant funds. The funds then can be used to help a greater number of colleagues so please speak to our casino champion Rob for more information.

Contributions would obviously be able to be stopped upon request by contacting your local Administrator.

Thank you for considering to support GIVSA.

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